Thursday, May 26, 2011

Did You Notice??

My son Daniel made chocolate chip cookies tonight.  Yummy.  They go perfectly with my after dinner coffee, which is helping me stay awake until time for bed. Lately it seems I have two things on my mind:  coffee and sleep.  If I'm not sleeping, I'm drinking coffee so I don't sleep.  Crazy, huh? 

Work is keeping me busy.  I am up at 4:00 am, work till almost noon and then come home to take care of whatever needs to be done here....staying up too late for "me" time when everyone else is in bed....And, not being able to sleep late on my days off because people keep waking me.  This schedule is starting to take a toll. 

I really like my job. It's amazing how much fun it is. The only things I knew when I started working were #1 I love coffee and #2 I like talking to people.  Perfect.

Until now.  I tendered my resignation on Tuesday as we are moving to TX in June/July.  Thus, it was necessary to let them know.  I also wanted to give them a chance to advertise the position, interview and train someone before I leave. I'm sad to leave, but looking forward to the new challenges ahead for my family. 

BTW, did you get that?  Yes, I made the BIG announcement.  We are moving to the Waco, TX area where hubby has been hired to teach NJROTC at one of the high schools there. Preparing for the move, doing the end of year school stuff and getting ready for the eldest to graduate from high school PLUS a new job has been crazy.  Due to my schedule, I've missed the past 2-3 Thursday morning Bible Studies, which mean soooo much to me.  I even missed church Sunday as they needed me to work.  Hoping that doesn't happen again.  I do NOT like missing Sunday services. 

Anyway, the packers are scheduled for June 20th, which is the same day hubby and 3 of the boys leave for Grandparents in AL and TN.  Justin and I will stay here for the pack out, move out and subsequent cleaning before we leave for AL/TN also.  Depending on when I get everything accomplished and arrive in TN/AL, I may be going with hubby to TX to find a house.  Or, I may follow him a few days later.  It all hinges on how quickly we are able to complete our "To Do List". 

Until then, I will be working, working at home preparing for the move, and spending as much time as possible with my VA friends.  As much as I didn't want to move here and determined to merely bide my time until we could leave, I have come to truly love VA, my friends here and my church.  It is going to be as hard to leave here as it was to leave Corpus Christi 4 years ago. 

No OOTD.  Dressed cute after work in khaki Liz Golf Capris and a purple Pendleton short sleeved sweater with flops. 

Coffee:  Dunkin Donuts this morning before work.  Gevalia Signature Blend after dinner tonight with chocolate chip cookies  I need more of both. 

Food:  Fried chicken, mashed potatoes, gravy, green beans and biscuits.  Not well balanced color wise on the plate, but it certainly was yummy.  :)

Sunday, May 22, 2011

The Great Untitled Blog

Do you ever have trouble deciding what to title your blog post?  I do.  Frequently.  Most days I write first and then pull the main feeling or subject for the title.  Other days I feel whimsical and title it off the top of my head.  Today is one of those "having trouble days".  I wonder what the title will be.... 

Today is another one of those "I'm not sure why I blog" days also.  Honestly, I have nothing to say of any real consequence.  Yet, I take up enormous amounts of web space saying nothing in particular.  Is this my own particular brand of vanity?  Thinking people want to know what I wear, what coffee I drank and what we had for dinner, my work schedule, etc.  I try to tell myself this is a form of open journaling and one day the boys will enjoy reading about what we did when they were younger.  But, will this blog be around then?  Wouldn't I do better to write it on paper somewhere if I truly want them to have it?

So many deep thoughts and questions.  This is what happens when I am sleep deprived.  Not pretty seeing into my thoughts, huh? 

Worked this morning.  Desperately need a nap.  Hubby is recovering nicely from his surgery. He is napping lots too.  Kids are all well.  Benji (mini schnauzer) has had some tummy difficulties this past week and has been basically living on the deck as we didn't want any accidents in the house.  Apparently it was the change in his dog food.  Things are getting back to normal for him. Thank goodness. 

See....truly nothing noteworthy at my house today.  Oh, wait. I will have hubby snap a photo of me so I can add an OOTD for a change.  :)

Maxi dress by Merona
Tank by ???  Seriously, the info has faded away.  I think I got it at Wal-Mart forever ago.
No shoes as I'm relaxing at home this afternoon. :)

Coffee today:  Gevalia Signature Blend with Peppermint Mocha creamer.  Will brew more coffee later.  Can't decide which blend yet.  Am seriously considering the chicory coffee to make a cafe au lait as it reminds me of New Orleans.  However, after working at the coffee shop and using the espresso machine, I want one now...not for the espresso, but to steam and foam the milk. Sad, huh?  Maybe that will be my Christmas present...  Hint, hint.  :)

Food:  Nothing yet.  Had a grilled ham and cheese sandwich for lunch.  Dinner will be pasta with sauce and garlic bread.  IF I get inspired I might make some sort of veggie to go with it.  Chances are very good that I will not do that tonight.  Just too tired.  Did I mention needing a nap??

Friday, May 20, 2011

Ramblings on Friday Evening...

So, it's Friday.  The beginning of the weekend.  A time of happiness and joy.  However, for me this weekend means work.  Work at Holiday Inn and work at home.  Busy, busy.  That's me. So much to do and so little time in which to do it. 

Today I did what was absolutely necessary.  Hubby had a doctor's appointment this morning.  Then we came home and made lists of things to be done.  He fell asleep and I watched tv hoping to nap.  The boys came home from school.  Dinner was made.  I finished "Troublesome Creek" by Jan Watson.  And, now I'm blogging.  So much needed to be accomplished.  Very little was completed.  Oh well...

Tomorrow morning, dark and early, I will arise to pour coffee for strangers and bring smiles to their faces. I hope in my own small way I am making a difference in their day. 

OH...GREAT moments at work this week.  One lady told me I reminded her of Nicole Kidman!  Another older lady said I look like "someone in the stories from a long time ago."  Not sure exactly WHO from the soap operas from years back...but I'll take it.  :)  Can't argue with being compared to a famous actress and a soap star.

Book/author review:  Jan Watson's "Troublesome Creek" was a good read.  Well written.  Not what I usually read, but still enjoyable.  I will definitely read the next two books in the series.  I'm looking forward to finding out what happens to Copper/Laura Grace.  I'm sure from the plot twists and turns in the first book it will be exciting and unusual. 

Coffee:  Hospital coffee bar this morning.  Delicious latte with sugar free caramel syrup.  This afternoon was a half pot of Gevalia Signature blend with Peppermint Mocha creamer. 

Food:  Chicken and rice, green beans (canned by my Mom from her garden in Tennessee) and homemade biscuits.  Yummy.  Nothing left over.  My boys love country cooking.  :)

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Is it the weekend yet???

What a couple of days! Yesterday hubby had day surgery for a hernia repair. We were at the hospital all day.  Apparently something happened and his scheduled 10:00 am surgery was pushed back to noon and  he didn't come to the floor until almost 2:00.  His recovery was rough as he doesn't do well with medication of any kind.  It took what seemed like forever for him to wake up. His blood pressure was elevated. He was dizzy, nauseated and couldn't move without feeling VERY sick.....  He finally got to come home about 7:00 pm.  I was worried he would have to stay overnight.

While I was with him at the hospital, a great friend (THANKS AGAIN DANA!!!) went above and beyond and took my two eldest to their NJROTC Awards Ceremony.  Thankfully!!!  They both received awards.  I am so proud of them!!!!!  She also brought them home as I was getting hubby settled in for the night. 

There were some really funny moments at the hospital, but as telling them would embarrass hubby, I will be kind and just say he made me laugh hysterically several times while coming out of the anesthesia.  The sweetest part was the way he would tell me how much he loved me and appreciated all I was doing.  And, with his eyes closed he would hold out his hand for me to hold while he slept.  When I would ask if he needed anything his answer was always "just you to be here with me."  Now, how incredibly sweet is THAT??  :)  I have a keeper for sure.  :)

Today I had to work.  Up late last night, didn't sleep well, and then up early this morning.  We got SLAMMED at work.  Seriously.  We served 48 orders in 1.5 hours.  It was crazy busy....but it was lots of fun too.  I really enjoy my job, if you haven't noticed.  People and coffee.  Two of my favorite things!!!  :)

The afternoon was spent napping, cooking dinner, and talking with one of my neighbors who has the prettiest husky.  We had lots of fun watching him run around while we chatted.  He's such a sweetie and very lovable.  My furbabies were not happy with me when they discovered I had cheated on them with the neighbors dog.  LOL

Another Thursday missing Bible Study.  *sad face*  I really miss the ladies and learning.  It makes me sad when I can't be there.  Hopefully next Thursday I will be off work and can attend.  I'm not counting on it though as they asked me to add Sunday to my schedule this week.  Apparently they are expecting a full house this weekend and want me there if they have another run on the coffee shop.  :)  Yeah me!  :)

No photos today.  I did snap a few in the full length mirror at the hospital yesterday, but they were out of focus and today I didn't remember to take one.  Sorry!!!  I promise that I AM keeping up with my style.  No frumpy fashion.  Promise!! 

Coffee:  Dunkin Donuts this morning, Gevalia Signature Blend this evening.  Good stuff.  :)

Food:  Breakfast for dinner!  Pancakes and bacon.  I love having breakfast for dinner.  Yum.  :)

Monday, May 16, 2011

It's Been Monday All Day Long....

Have I mentioned I am NOT a morning person?  Getting up at 4:15 to be at work by 5:30....  Words fail me.  Don't get me wrong, I really enjoy my job. Good news!!  I managed to get thru the closing routine today with minimal distress.  Especially when I realized my register was not short $1.00.  I simply forgot to add the dimes when I counted the register.  Once I added them, all was fine.  :) 
Obviously, I worked this morning.  It was slow, but the customers were chatty which made it fun. This week's schedule has me working today, tomorrow, Thursday and Saturday.  Wednesday will be spent with hubby at the hospital as he has a hernia repair surgery.  Friday I will probably clean house.

After work, I did do something fun.  I went to the library!  Returned 3 books, rechecked 1 and checked out 3 new ones.  Reading a new author this time around.  I checked the Troublesome Creek series by Jan Watson.  Hope I enjoy them.  Otherwise I will be back in the library soon.  Actually, with only 4 books, I will be back at the library soon anyway.  Unless I'm too busy or tired to read much over the next week or so, that is. 

Honesty time. I am Stressed Out and reading my Mother's Day ring a LOT right now.  "Fear not, for I am with you - Jesus"  Just a few more days until we have answers on hubby's job situation, his surgery will be over and he'll be recovering.  Hopefully, we can begin to make definite plans for our future.  Living in Limbo Land for the past year has been difficult.  I'm ready to move on.... 

Coffee:  Kona White Chocolate Macadamia Nut coffee this morning - preset and brewed when I woke.  Ahhhhhhh.....  Great way to start the day.  Sad that it was the last of the bag.  Not sure what I will preset for tomorrow.  Maybe the Dunkin Donuts coffee.  We'll see...

Food:  Made Ann's Dirty Rice from  Quite a yummy dish. It tastes like a stuffed pepper without all the hassle.  It's a slightly different as it doesn't have tomatoes or cheese.  We love it so much there are NO leftovers for tomorrow.  Love it when that happens.  :)

*Edited to add....  I can't believe I forgot to add the best part of day was when I stepped on the scale this morning and was down 2 pounds!!!!  Woo hoo!!! 

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Grillin' on the Grounds!

Today was a fun day at church!  Started off with getting to go in late for our sound check before service.  We had only 1 service today so the place was FULL and it was awesome to see.  The guest speaker had a good message about "Who is my neighbor?"  aka, the Good Samaritan.  The music was fantastic today and a LOT of fun to play.  The food afterwards was yummy.  Love grilled dogs and burgers.  YUM!  Cotton Candy.  Ahhhhhhh....  Yes, I am a kid inside when it comes to cotton candy and snow cones. :) Fun was had by all who attended.  Smiles were everywhere...until the rain came.  Thankfully, it was around 3:00 and time to go home anyway.  :)

This is what I wore today:  aka, my OOTD. 

Taken this morning before church.
Top by George
Capris by Larry Levine
Shoes by American Eagle for Payless
Photo credit goes to Patrick, my official photographer. 

Me...Chillin at Grillin on the Grounds.
I *almost* fell asleep several times. 
Fill my tummy with good food and Dr. Pepper and I'm ready for a nap.  :)
Photo credit goes to my friend Susanne Nichols.

The rest of the afternoon was spent enjoying the view on our deck, drinking coffee and talking.  What a nice day.  Called my parents this evening and had a long chat.  We took a walk down memory lane. I love old stories.  So much fun to hear about my parents when they were growing up...and stories about when my brother, sister and I were young. 

Work tomorrow morning.  Must go to bed soon so I can get up and function in the morning.  I'm excited and nervous as this week I will be on my own.  No more trainer.  The part that has me most nervous is closing.  Once I manage it on my own a couple more times, I think it will be okay. Just need to figure out my routine for accomplishing everything and all will be fine. 

Coffee:  Gevalia Signature Blend this morning (set the timer so it was ready when I got up.  I love that feature!!) and this afternoon I brewed a pot of Dunkin Donuts coffee.  Delish!!

Food:  Homemade pizza.  Yummy!!!  Found a recipe online for pizza crust.  Turned out fabulous!  The kids gave it their seal of approval, so I will be making it again.  Definitely. 

Friday, May 13, 2011

Happy Mother's Day Week :)

TGIF....  I wonder if this trend will continue thru the years with my family.  Probably not, but a Mom can dream.  How wonderful to celebrate being a Mom the Friday following Mother's Day.  Especially when it's an unexpected celebration!  Wondering what happened?  Let me briefly tell you the story.

My youngest son decided to do something special this year.  He was very sneaky about it too.  He found out my ring size and asked his Dad to order a ring for me from C28.  It's a very pretty silver ring with a curved design with Isaiah 41:101 engraved on it.  He looked for one with a verse from Psalm 121 (my favorite) but they didn't have one.  And, as he said the Isaiah verse seems to be the perfect verse for our family right now.  (He's right.) Anyway, thru a comedy of errors, he arranged with our neighbors to have it shipped there so I wouldn't open it by accident.  Then, it didn't get delivered on schedule.  The post office "lost" it for a while.  Our neighbor made several trips and phone calls to the post office to get it to no avail.  Then, finally, today it arrived in their mailbox!  As they have been super involved over the past 2 weeks with this Mother's Day Surprise Plot, they were invited over for the grand presentation of the ring to me.  I was surprised and very pleased.  It's a lovely ring and one I will enjoy wearing for years to come. 

Today was another work day for me and my final day of training.  I feel fairly comfortable with the job now.  I'm still a bit nervous about the closing procedures and making sure I get everything done "just right".  However, after 2-3 more times, it will be fine. 

Not much else going on. 

Coffee report:  Had some yummy Gevalia Signature Blend coffee this morning with protein powder before work and then a cup of coffee with Coconut creamer on the way to work.  Tonight I had Dunkin Donuts coffee with a taste of Christmas, in other words, Peppermint Mocha creamer.  Yum!  (Btw, must credit my friend Debra for the creamer description.)

Food:  Gyros and fries.  Yummy!!!  Nothing left over.  Must cook again tomorrow.  It will be something simple. 

Enjoy your weekend.  I will be cleaning.  However, I am determined to enjoy myself no matter what.  :)

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Is it Wednesday? How did that happen?

I'm not sure what happened to yesterday.  It was here and then it wasn't.  Not really sure what happened yesterday....other than sitting on the deck with my hubby, drinking coffee and talking.  Lots and lots of talking.  Making plans.  Making lists.  Making ourselves crazy discussing what to do if things change.  Etc.  This was our view yesterday:
High tide.  Nice, huh?  I love how green it is. 

So, since I don't remember much from yesterday due to sleep deprivation, I will move onto today.  This morning started off at work.  I really enjoy my job.  Still in training but doing okay as they left me alone to work for about 45 minutes.  Friday, I will do everything while my trainer oversees.  Sort of nervous, yet excited, about it. 

Honesty time! While I love my job, the uniform is not something I enjoy wearing several times a week.  By the time I get home, I feel like "frump girl"..... Yesterday I was frumpy all day in faded khaki capris and a basic t-shirt.  Today, however, I had to up the style with this after work:

This was a perfect outfit for this afternoon and evening.  I cleaned so much yesterday that today I only needed to do laundry.  After dinner, we went to Patrick's Band Concert.  They did a great job.  I almost fell asleep during the breaks as the students were transitioning for their performances.  To try to stay awake, I spent lots of time playing with my phone on Facebook. 

FUNNY of the day:  We have two small dogs (under 20 lbs each) who think they are monster dogs who can take down any other dog in our complex. After work I took them for a walk.  My neighbor was outside with her husky, Diesel, who is still a puppy and is sweet as can be and loves to play.  He hears us and bounds over ready to "play with the little doggies next door."  You could practically see that on his face.  Sam, our 15 year old mixed breed, took Diesel bounding over as a challenge and ATTACKED, growling, snarling, and going for the neck.  Diesel apparently thought Sam was playing because he kept coming back.  Every time he came over, Sam charged and attacked.  Benji barked.  Senselessly.  Never moved.  After Diesel's Mom got him back to their house, we went for our walk.  Sam was strutting, ears perked forward, and had an attitude that said, "Yes, I just took down a husky.  Mess with me and I'll take you down too."  Here's a photo of them. 
See the smile on Sam's face??  LOL

Sam will never be the same again.  Not sure I will either.  I haven't laughed so much in a long time.  Telling my hubby about it was funny too.  You had to be me, it was hysterical.  :)

Coffee:  Sega Freda coffee at work.  It is a really good Italian coffee.  Highly recommend it.  Wondering where I can purchase it for home.  Then, at home, I brewed a pot of Gevalia Signature Blend and drank it with Southern Pecan Creamer.  Yummy.

Food:  Left over casseroles from the past two nights.  Will be cooking tomorrow.  My family is happy.  :)

Monday, May 9, 2011

I Survived!

My first day of work was pretty good.  I think the most challenging part of it will be finding something to stay busy when we are slow.  And, if today was any indication....well, I'm going to have the cleanest coffee bar on the planet because we clean during lulls.  Seriously, we had 8 or 9 customers all morning.  It was so slow we closed early.  Something I hope I don't have to do often.  The other challenging part will be the end of day reports and deposit.  It's not hard, though.  Just important to get right as it's dealing with the money.  Hoping that my training days on Wednesday and Friday are busier so I can become really familiar with how to do everything before being left on my own.

Not much else to say...unless I want to complain about how early I had to get up this morning.  I am so not a morning person.  Getting up at 4:15 was not easy.  Thankfully, I remember to pre-set the coffee pot last night and I awoke to freshly brewed coffee.  Ahhhhh, that was wonderful.  Got home and changed into some comfy clothes for cleaning house and working on our storage closet.  Napped at one point and just did my usual Mom stuff.

OOTD:  This is my uniform - minus the apron (only because they haven't issued one to me yet).  Not really OOTD worthy, but I thought it would be fun to include it.  Just because.  :)

Not very exciting, is it??  LOL 

Coffee:  Not nearly enough.

Food:  Made a new recipe tonight.  We are trying to use the things we already have in our freezer and pantry.  So, I went to my favorite recipe site - All - and typed in the main ingredients I wanted to use.  One of the results, and more importantly, the one I picked to make, was called Taco Quiche.  Of course, I read the reviews and tweaked the recipe a bit.  It was delicious.  Everyone ate with little to no complaining.  Yippee!!
Check it out. 

I am sleepy and literally falling asleep as I type.  Thus, it is time to publish this post and go to bed.  Goodnight!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

It Begins Tomorrow...

That's right.  My new job begins tomorrow.  Why do I suddenly feel sick?  Oh, yes...first day of school, um, er, job jitters.  Ask me what time I have to be there.  Come on.  Ask me.  Dare ya.  Ready?  Really ready for the answer?  Okay, here it is:  0530 or 5:30 A.M. for you non-military types.  I am tired just thinking about getting up early enough to be at work by that time.  Thankfully, my coffee maker has an "auto on" function and will have my coffee ready for me the moment I awaken.

The past few days have been a bit busy.  Friday was relatively quiet.  The two eldest sons went to a friends house for the night and to go play air soft wars all day Saturday.  (Matthew now has a lovely sunburn. Oops!)  The two youngest went with me to the airport Friday night.  We circled the airport...and circled....and circled...and circled....  It was crazy.  Anyway, he finally arrived - with presents for everyone.  :)

Saturday was spent doing a lot of talking and planning.  You know, the "if this, then that" kind of planning.  Working out a list of what needs to be done when, etc. My brain was about to explode afterwards.  Did a little grocery shopping, picking up necessities.  Nothing exciting.

Sunday, I got to do something special.  At 930 I went to the student worship for the beginning as my youngest was playing the drums for their praise and worship time.  He did a really good job.  I was so proud of him!  Then I slid into my usual spot behind the keyboard for the remainder of "big church" praise and worship time.  After church, we headed home for lunch and Mother's Day Presents.  I love jewelry.  New ear rings!! :)  Very cute ones too. 

The afternoon was spent in a family "information meeting" on the "if this/then that" decisions from yesterday.  They all seemed to understand what is going on and what may or may not happen over the next few weeks/months.  Then, I went shopping!  Oh, wait.  It wasn't "fun" shopping.  It was shopping for ugly black utilitarian shoes to wear for work tomorrow.  But, I did take a peek at the CUTE shoes.  And, held to my resolve of "no unnecessary expenditures" and walked away...after trying on a few pair of super cute ones, that is.  :)

OOTDS:  Saturday I wore this:
I was in a silly mood.  What can I say?  :)
Still, it was cute, right?

And, this is what I wore today:
Benji decided to get into the action with me. 
Silly puppy loves to have his picture taken.  Usually in extreme close ups.  LOL

Coffee:  Yes, lots. Friday I had a pot of Gevalia Signature Blend with a variety of creamer flavors. Saturday I had a pot of HEB's Texas Pecan coffee with Trader Joe's Organic Half & Half.  Silly hubby didn't pay attention and brought home decaf.  Ouch.  No wonder I had a headache last night and this morning.  After a cup of hot tea this morning, I felt better.  Today I've had a cup of hot Irish Breakfast Tea this morning and a cup of church coffee with lots of cream and sweetener.  Planning to brew a half pot of Dunkin Donuts coffee soon to enjoy. 

Food:  Nothing special.  Seriously.  Made some yummy sandwiches for lunch today.  Dinner was "find your own" which means I had tuna salad with crackers. Not sure about everyone else.  However, I've noticed lots of activity in the kitchen, which means they are eating something.  :)

Thursday, May 5, 2011


So, I thought about teasing and making you wait until the very end to reveal the answer to my "guess what".....  But, I won't.  Today I wore THIS:

It was my OOTD for Bible study this morning.  It was a good study.  Lots of discussion.  Lots of sharing.  Lots of caring.  Very special time.  I truly love every moment I spend with these ladies. 

What am I wearing?  Glad you asked.  :)  The jacket is Alfred Dunner.  Top by Wet Seal.  Crop pants by Liz C Golf.  Shoes (that you can't see thanks to grass) are by Rampage.  My favorite black heels.  :)

After Bible study, I came home to stress, pray and text.  Then I changed into this:
Cardi by Croft and Barrow
Top by Sag Harbor
Slacks by George (for Wal-Mart)
Kitten heels by American Eagle for Payless

This was my interview outfit.  Unbeknownst to me (I love that phrase) I was basically wearing the uniform for the position.  Black slacks, black shoes, and a light blue polo.  Close, right?  Oh...Benji didn't go with me to the interview.  He's an added bonus to today's OOTD.  :) 

Anyway, I interviewed for a job at a coffee bar in one of our local hotels....and they offered me the job!!!  Pending the drug screening, I have it!  No problem, unless coffee is illegal.  Last I heard, it's still ok.  So, I expect a phone call tomorrow letting me know when to report for training!!  I'm so excited!!!!  It's been almost 5 years since I worked for a paycheck. It's going to be a huge change, but one I'm looking forward to.  

Now, I have to admit to being really stressed about this interview.  But, before going into the building I sat in my car and prayed that God's will be done...and that I would be calm....AND that I would have the words to speak.  I can say, I went in calm, cool and collected and when they asked questions the words were there.  I didn't have to think about my answers.  It was just there.  Perfect and complete.  God is good.  All the time.  :)

The afternoon and evening have been blissfully calm and quiet.  

Coffee:  This morning it was church coffee with lots of Peppermint Mocha creamer and sweetener.  This afternoon, I brewed a half pot of Gevalia Signature Blend to drink with the same creamer.  It's one of my favorites.  Plus, it has just been a Peppermint Mocha kind of day.  

Food:  It's Cinco de Mayo, so we had the makings for either chili or super nachos.  It was yummy.  Quite yummy.  Lots left.  Wonder what we're having for dinner tomorrow night?  *wink, wink*

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

*This* Close to An Announcement...

No official announcement is forthcoming regarding our next adventure in this life.  However, I will say we are *THIS* close to being able to say what is next for us.  It's soooo close and yet so far.  Please keep praying for our family.  We truly appreciate it and don't take it lightly that our friends and family lift us up before the throne.  Thank you for all your prayers.  Keep them coming.

That being said, I was a basket case today.  I have never had such a case of nerves, anxiety, panic, whatever you want to call it.  My friends dealt with many text messages today as I stressed out.  Thanks again everyone!!  Needed that friendly redirection this morning and the encouragement this afternoon.  :) I wouldn't make it without all of you lifting me up during this crazy time. 

Sorry I don't have an OOTD to share today.  I spent most of today cleaning, texting and avoiding reality by playing FB games.  At least my downstairs is clean, laundry is done and my FB cafe is in the black.  LOL  Maybe tomorrow I will clean the upstairs.  :)  What did I wear today to accomplish the above?  Levi capris, a blue scoop neck Allison Brittney top and my flops.  Added the tan Croft and Barrow cardi for orchestra practice tonight as it's always cold at church.  Not especially cute...but not exactly frumpy either.

Coffee:  Yes...not nearly enough though.  I don't even remember what I made.  Unreal....  Didn't manage to drink over a half pot either.  Probably why my energy level was down today.  Might have something to do with forgetting my vitamins today also....

Food:  Daniel made homemade pizza for dinner today.  (Homework for his Teen Living Class in middle school)  It was really tasty.  I am keeping the recipe to add to my personal binder.  Yes, it was that good.  :)  Here is a picture of the second pizza.  I only have one stone and we forgot to take a picture of the "pretty" one.  Oops!! 
Told you it wasn't pretty. 
However, it tasted GREAT.
*photo credit goes to Daniel, who also gets credit for cooking.  :)

It's Monday Again....

Monday.  The dawn of a new week.  A new start.  Everything is fresh and new.  Why is it we tend to like to begin projects (or diets) on Monday??  Weird, isn't it?  However, it's too much for me to think about this late on Monday night...or rather, this early on Tuesday morning.  Since I'm writing about my Monday, I'm sticking with my title.  :)

Where to start about today?  First, I must give a nod to world events.  By now, everyone has heard Osama Bin Laden was found, resisted "arrest" and was shot and killed.  One less terrorist in the world.  Good job Seals!  Many thanks for all you do.

Went to breakfast with hubby this morning and in honor of my scale being UP two pounds from last night's quick peek...I had carbs. Lots of them. I am not proud of myself for this.  Rather, I'm a bit disgusted.  Must be why I continued my carb fest the rest of the day.  *sigh* Biscuits, gravy, butter, jelly, hash brown casserole, coffee with cream and bacon.  All told, it was one complete biscuit with a spoon of gravy on each side, half a biscuit with a smear of butter and grape jelly, less than half the casserole (hubby ate the rest) and 3 pieces of bacon....but still!!!  Not the way I needed to start my day/week off right.  I'm 4 pounds above where I NEED to be and still 9 pounds above my goal.  I am going to lose this weight.  Period.  End of story. 

Hubby left today for TX.  He's interviewing for a position out there.  Praying, trusting and kicking the worry monster to the curb, repeatedly.  Hubby's plane landed and he's currently driving the last leg of his journey.  Until I get the call that he's in the hotel, I won't be able to sleep.  Let's hope he gets there soon.  I'm not sleepy.  I just want to know he's there and safe.

My good news for the day.  I finally got called for an interview!!  It's scheduled Thursday afternoon.  Praying it goes well and I can start work ASAP.  Granted it's for a part time position, but that's what I want/need right now.  Say a prayer for me that I get it - or something - soon. 

I have lots of pictures today.  Some are of flowers in our complex.  I love nature photos.  These were taken with my cell phone, so the quality isn't that great, but it gives you an idea.  And, Patrick and I were having fun with the OOTD pics so I decided to post a few of his paparrazi shots.  Hope you enjoy!!

Aren't those pretty?
Wish you could smell the roses.  Ahhhhh....heavenly.

Leaving the house.  Don't you love this expression?  ROFL!!!
Wait till I put everything away, would ya?? 
Is it too much to ask that I be READY for the pic??  LOL
Finally.  Ready for my photo...
Top by elementz
Cardi by Croft and Barrow
Jeans:  Lifestyle Attitude by Larry Levine
Shoes by American Eagle for Payless
Purse from Payless 3 years ago.  LOVE the detailing on it. 

Coffee:  Cracker Barrell coffee this morning.  2 cups.  It was good.  This evening, brewed a half pot of Gevalia Royal Vinter.  Yum. 

Food:  You know what I had for breakfast.  Lunch didn't happen, not really.  Dinner was sketchy at best....we did "find your own" and I don't remember finding anything but Trader Joes Honey Wheat pretzels and TJ's Jalapeno Pub Cheese.  Oh, yes, now I remember, I had some Tyson frozen chicken tenders.  I think 2 of them.  Healthy eating, huh? 

Nada on the other stuff, you know, writing and exercise. Although I did take the dogs for a nice walk this morning.  That counts.  I was up and moving.  :)

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Welcome May!

It has been said if you repeat something often enough you will begin to believe it.  So, I'm welcoming May as if I've longed for and pleasantly dreamed about its arrival for the longest time.  We all know this isn't true, but I'm pretending today.  Putting on my happy face and faking it till I can make it.  I've long believed I look much better smiling than crying, so why not smile.

The BEST part of our weekend?  We cared for a friends 13 month old daughter.  What a fun time.  It's been a while since we've had a baby - especially overnight - in the house.  And, we rarely babysit a little girl, so this was a special weekend indeed.  She is such a cutie and super sweet.  Oh my, was she ever a good little girl.  Only one fit - this morning when we HAD to put her in the playpen as everyone was getting ready for church.  Took her 30 seconds to realize we really were leaving her in there as we got ready. She calmed down and started playing with her toys.  Putting her down for a nap and bed was equally easy.  In fact, I don't think my boys were this easy, if memory serves me properly.  Maybe it's the difference between boys and girls.  Yes, that MUST be it.  :)  BTW, the boys were enamored with her.  They now want a baby sister.  Ummm.... No.  We will simply continue to have friends with babies.  That's a much better plan.  

BTW, why didn't I get the memorandum to wear steel toed boots to church instead of my adorable flats?  Wow...what a sermon.  It was spot on for what is happening in my life right now.  The topic?  Worry.  The kicker?  That it is a SIN.  Pure and simple.  We are told by Jesus himself 3 times in one short passage (Matthew 6: 25-34) not to worry.  I have been failing miserably.  I have been worried over the whole retirement, job situation, potential move (or not), etc.  My stomach has been in knots.  I've run the gamut of not eating to non stop eating.  I've slept almost round the clock and then I've not been able to sleep.  One extreme to the other and all because of worry. 

This begs the question:  What will I DO about my worry problem?  First of all, I'm confessing it - to God first (he already knew, but I told him anyway, that's why it's called "confession") and then to everyone who reads this (like it was a surprise, HA!).  Next, I'm making notecards to read and meditate upon when I begin to  worry.  I haven't made them yet, but I know there are several verses which speak to how I'm feeling and how to redirect my thoughts where they belong.  And, finally, I'm asking everyone to pray for me (and hubby).  Pray for God's will for our lives and that our hearts will be peaceful and our minds calm.  Pray for us to make wise choices. 

Time to shift gears.  OOTD time!!

Top by Emma James
Skirt by Michael Kors
Shoes by Avon
Picture by Patrick 
Don't you like our parking lot?  LOL 

Coffee:  Yes!  This morning was Gevalia Royal Vinter coffee with Peppermint Mocha creamer. It was fabulous. Then church coffee with lots of creamer and sweetener.  Tonight, I made Gevalia Hazelnut coffee....and for some reason, I am NOT enjoying it.  Not sure if I wasn't in the mood for Hazelnut, if the creamer is going bad or if it was the mint cream Oreo I ate before I drank it. Simply put, tonight's coffee is not making me smile.  I've had a half cup and the other half will be going down the drain.  :*(  It's a sad day indeed when I am unable to enjoy my coffee!

Food:  Many huge thanks to Sherry from the beach weekend with the girls.  I've pirated her recipe for crockpot shredded chicken fajitas and put a bit of my own twist on it.  The boys LOVE it. Hubby and I LOVE it.  We barely have enough chicken remaining to make a small taco for lunch tomorrow.  Wonder who the lucky one will be that gets it?  :)

No updates on anything else because the only thing I can say is "NONE".  Oh well...