Saturday, June 4, 2011

Various and sundry....

Oh my.  I can't believe it's been 9 days since my last entry.  Time is quickly ticking away as I work and prepare for the move.  I would do an update about all the vast and varied wonderful things that have happened over the last 9 days, but there really isn't much to tell.  I've worked many of them - including Sundays, which makes me very unhappy.  The afternoons have been filled with laundry, cleaning and cooking.  Days off, the few I have had, have been spent catching up on whatever I couldn't do on days I work.  With a couple of exceptions, the main one being coffee with Debra (of I Dream of Anthropologie fame) on Friday morning.  We spent time sipping coffee and discussing our respective moves and feelings about the upcoming changes in our lives.  It was good to spend time together.  I don't know if she needed it, but I certainly did.  Since beginning work, I have felt so disconnected from everyone. 

Wow.  I read the above.  It sounds whiney and complaining.  I do NOT mean it that way.  Simply stating work has been keeping me busy and I haven't had much time for socializing with the upcoming move.  Hope that clears up any misunderstanding.  I enjoy my job - well, minus the getting up at 4:00 am thing.  :)

Still no OOTD pics.  Seems my official photographer has decided he doesn't care for the job any longer and all my pictures are blurry.  Haven't designated a new photographer.  So, no pictures.  However, today I am wearing New York & Co light denim capris and a charcoal gray Old Navy t-shirt.  Flops on the feet.  Cool and comfortable.

Tonight my eldest goes to his Senior Prom.  Where did the time go?  I am excited and happy for him.  And, honestly, feeling a little old.  When did he grow up?  In 2 weeks he graduates from high school and 2 months from then, he leaves for Air Force boot camp.  *sad face* It's so hard to let them spread their wings and fly.  But, it's part of life.  Now I understand how my parents felt....

Coffee:  Yes. Not enough.  Need more.  Gevalia.  Flavored creamers.