Saturday, February 26, 2011

It's Time for a Change...

Yes, the time has come.  I feel boring.  I feel predictable.  I feel stagnant.  Therefore, it's time for a change.  The first step came a couple weeks ago when I bought some AWESOME shoes.  A bit out of my norm.  But, take a look...

Awesome, aren't they?  This started my transformation.  From here, I painted my nails.  This was an adventure as I haven't bought new polish in years.  Literally years.  As in 5 of them.  Seriously.  So, I decided it was time to update my look.  At Wal-mart, I was looking thru their selection and was trying to decide which brand, how much I want to spend and which color to buy.  I finally decided to go for the cheap polish.  This way, if I didn't like the bold new colors, I wouldn't be upset about spending a lot of money on it.  Then, I had to decide which color.  I narrowed it down to an awesome purple, a bright blue, an interesting orange and a lime green.  They were all really cute in their own ways.  Another customer helped me decide on the bright blue (French Kiss) and the interesting orange (Hot Tamale).  I painted my nails last night.  Here's how they look...

Again, not quite "me".....but, I think it's a great change.  I seriously can't wait to paint my toes orange.  My hubby says I will look like an Auburn University fan (I do NOT like AU, so this did not make me happy.) and he wants to take a pic of my fingers and toes together.  This is hysterical to me.  Look for the picture.

Finally, I am over my long hair.  It has been long for quite some time.  Years.  I started growing out my bob about 4 years ago.  It's been trimmed a few times since, but that's it.  Today I bought a magazine all about 2011 styles.  Many pages and styles have been marked.  Now to pick out a style.  I am meeting with a friend soon (Monday) to have coffee, talk, shop and look at hairstyles.  Hubby is even excited about the upcoming change and is also offering suggestions - as in high lights or even going blonde!  I was surprised, but pleased at his willingness to embrace this needed change in my life.  He even suggested I make a day of it and have a mani/pedi along with the hair cut and color.  Wow....

Pictures of the old and new me will be here soon.  Now, to buy new make up colors.  Might as well go all out, right?  :)

Monday, February 21, 2011


Hello, old friend.  Sorry, I am talking to my cup of coffee.  It's a happy flavor I haven't made in quite a while.  Hazelnut.  Splash of cream.  Ahhhhh.....  Why have I waited so long to brew a pot? 

On to today's topic.  Sensitivity.  I have come to the conclusion that we are ALL sensitive to a degree.  Today this hit me full force due to a message board. I consider most of them my friends and have met most of them.  We talk on the phone, we text and we post on the board.  Most of them live in TX and can see each other on a regular basis.  So, when someone posts something and gets what is considered a harsh reply things go crazy for a while.  People leave the board, others ask questions to which there is no answer and people get their feelings hurt.  There are disagreements behind closed doors.  Some even fear friendships ending over "rules" that were set up for this board.  I don't get it.  I admit to being sensitive.  I will even admit to being OVERLY sensitive.  But, to be that upset of postings on a message board?  Especially one that is designed to help us in an area where we are struggling.  Guess some people don't want to hear the truth, even when it's said in love.  Granted I didn't see the particular post that has everyone up in arms, but still.  It couldn't be that bad.

Now, on to ME and my particular brand of over sensitivity.  Yes, I admit to it. I dissect everything that is said to me.  Not message board posts (usually) but actual words spoken to me by friends, family and especially my husband.  One of my latest crazed dissections has to do with a balloon he gave me for Valentines Day.  It has a classic cartoon couple on it.  Very cute picture.  But, I took offense.  The couple?  It's Kermit and MISS PIGGY.  Ummm.... K....  Found out a couple days ago that my 17 year old son picked it out.  Not sure that makes it any better.  What does that say about how HE views ME?  Oh boy, I just opened up another emotional can of worms - worms that slither around like snakes in my mind.  Not good.  Not good at all. 

So, how do I get over it and past it?  How do I stop reacting this way?  I don't like being so sensitive all the time.  I don't like picking apart everything that is said to me by my hubby especially.  Must work on this. 


Friday, February 18, 2011

And another two months has passed....

I am feeling very out of it in the blogging world.  I've been spending lots of time here - reading what others have been so willing to share and keeping my world contained within my four walls.  This is not what having a blog is about.  So, here I am, coming out of hiding yet again.  I am not making promises to stay in the light though.  It's too easy to be seen here. 

I suppose a quick update of our lives over the past two months is in order.  However, it's been a relatively mundane two months.  Well, mundane if you don't count the wonderful snow that fell and kept the kids home from school for a couple of days.  And, mundane if you don't consider that my darling husband will be transitioning from his current status of active duty Navy to civilian in just a few months. The job hunt has begun and is quite the roller coaster ride.  Also mundane if you don't include that I've finally gotten SERIOUS about losing the weight that the recent stresses caused me to gain. 

Snow days:  Fun, cold, loud, enjoyable.  Sleeping in! Warm food.  Thought about baking, but didn't.  Made lots of comfort food though.  Stew/soup, or as Rachel Ray calls it "Stoup".  Love that blended word.  :)

Job hunt:  Scary, exciting, maddening, roller coaster ride, stressful, upsetting, the list goes on.  While it's exciting to be embarking on the next adventure in our lives, it's also scary.  A possible, probable move in the next few months.  New job for hubby. Possibly one for me.  New church.  New schools.  New friends.  A new area to learn.  New places to shop.  New coffee shops to try!  (Gotta find the good in this, right?)  Hmmm...good....New restaurants to try.  Lots of "new" things.... Not sure I'm excited about it.  In fact, just thinking about it all is making it very hard to breathe at the moment.  I'm *this close* to having a panic attack just THINKING about it.  Never mind that hubby doesn't have a job yet.  Actually, that's the most stress inducing part of the whole situation.  Once the job has been offered and accepted, things SHOULD calm down.  Then I can begin to plan for the move, start researching schools, look for a place to rent, etc.  Until then, I am searching my hair every time I look in the mirror as I'm sure there are gray ones in there somewhere.  There must be. 

Weight Loss:  Fantastic, quick, easy, self esteem boosting, controlled, maddening, time consuming.... K, not giving actual weights here, but I gained above my comfort zone by quite a bit.  More than I thought I would.  It happened slowly, over the course of a year, maybe 14-15 months.  Suddenly, I had NO clothes to wear.  Everything was tight - even the larger sizes I had kept for whatever reason.  I stepped on the scale (which I had NOT done in months) and was shocked.  It was imperative for me to lose weight.  N.O.W.  The very least I could think of losing is at least 17 pounds. So far, I am 12 pounds down since December 28, 2010.  After losing the next 5 pounds, my goal is to lose another 10 pounds.  Depending on how I feel then, I may lose another 5-10.  I will be on the lower end of the "normal" range according to all the charts and will be closer to where I THINK I want to maintain.  Of course, if family and friends think it's too thin...and if it's simply too difficult to maintain, then I will rethink my maintenance range.  We are all works in progress, right?  :)

Coffee today was a lovely half pot of Gevalia's German Chocolate Cake with coconut cream creamer.  Delish!! This afternoon, I had a nice cup of Seattle's Best at Border's.  Tonight, I decided it was tea time for a change and am enjoying my second cup of Irish Breakfast Tea.  I really need to drink more water....