Saturday, November 5, 2011

It's time.....

I'm feeling it.  Most definitely.  It's time for a change.  The question is, what am I going to change?  I've recently cut my hair and am wearing it straight vs my usual curls.  This means I'm taking time EVERY day to fix my hair instead of doing the happy "scrunch and go" that has been my go-to style for the past 10 years or longer.  I like it.  I don't like the time it takes, but I'm dealing with it.  So, that's one change.  But, it's not enough.

My closet is making me crazy.  I definitely need to make some changes in there.  It is definitely time to weed through my wardrobe and delete a LOT of what is in there.  The problem is, I will then have to go shopping and buy new clothing.  I have somehow lost my love of shopping.  Maybe it's becasue all my shopping buddies live so far away.  I like having a second opinion when I try a new look.  Being totally transparent here - sales associates do not count.  Since you never know if the one outside your dressing room door is honest or not, it's just too risky.  *sigh*

I need new shoes too.  Winter shoes, to be precise.  I am seriously lacking in shoes.  My hubby would disagree with that statement.  However, it does not change the fact that I need more shoes. 

Work out wear.  UGH!!!  I thought I had plenty, but last week when we went to the Y, I realized that everything I own to work out in is too small or too short or too *something*.  I had to borrow a t-shirt from hubby so it wasn't too clingy or too loose.  I wore a pair of yoga pants that I later found had a small hole.  No more wearing those outside the house!  My other pair of yoga pants are EXTREMELY tight, so no wearing them until I lose at least 15 pounds.  This is why I haven't been back to the Y since last week.  I really need to work out.  I know it would improve my mood and general outlook.  Exercise does that....  Strange how something so horrible can make you feel so good.  LOL

So, along with my fashion needs, I need to buy workout wear also.  Actually, I need to invest in workout wear FIRST and lose the weight I want/plan to lose before augmenting my fashion desires/needs/wants. 

To top it off, my allergies and the fact that thus far I haven't found the correct meds to help me breathe and have a sense of taste/smell is really beginning to get to me. I don't know how to phrase it.  I'm just not "me" right now. 

I feel stagnant, predictable, boring. The list goes on, but it's more of the same.  Thus, it's time for a change.  Where to start is the question....

Coffee?  Of course.  Today I'm drinking the lovely Vermont Maple Crunch coffee from the Texas Cheese House in Lorena, TX.  Yummy!  A little sweetener and a splash of half and half.  It's a pot full of pure bliss.  Try it.  They ship. :)  Don't know their shipping costs as I make the 8 mile drive to pick up my favorite culinary delights. 

BTW, Kara...I saw your comment on my last post.  Welcome to the "dark side" where flavored coffee creamers are a delight and a way of life.  My favorites are Peppermint Mocha (Christmas in a cup of coffee year round!!!!) and Italian Sweet Cream (oh, so sweet and wonderful).  Coconut Cream is third runner up.  You have to be in the right mood for it, however.  :)

Friday, November 4, 2011

Dogs, birds, OOTD, furniture and Food Network...

What do these have in common?  ME!!  :)  That's it.  Just me, Susan, nothing special - except they all are a huge part of my life at the moment.  So....on to the blog so you can learn what I've been doing since my last post. 

First is my dog, Benji.  He's a miniature Schnauzer and once saved my life, literally.  He's a darling...and desperately needs a haircut.  Look at that pic.  Isn't he cute?  But, isn't he shaggy?  Poor puppy.  His Mommy needs to give him a trim - or take him to the groomer - soon. 

Why am I talking about Benji today?  Because he's heavy on my heart at the moment.  He is losing his eye sight.  It's really very sad.  He loves to run and play.  Fetch is his favorite.  But, with his failing eyesight, he no longer brings us a toy to throw for him.  He's too afraid of running headfirst into furniture or walls.  He learned to be afraid by doing this and hurting himself a few times.  He now has problems navigating the house if the lighting is dim.  I have turned into his "seeing eye human".  Thank goodness for those puppy classes at PetsMart.  He knows to stay to my left and follow my verbal commands as he can no longer see the handmotions.  "Wait" has become a primary command for him.  He's learning to stop when he hears it.  It hurts my heart to see him have these problems.  However, with TLC and lots of help, he's active and happy. 

Birds.... Have you noticed how birds are simply EVERYWHERE lately?  I love birds.  They make me happy inside.  I don't know why.  Maybe it's the country girl in me coming out.  Whatever the reason, I'm loving finding them everywhere from clothing to decorative items.  While I've not bought any clothing to showcase them, I have these in my house and plan to buy more.  My dream is to have at least one bird in each room.  I love to "hide" them for people to find and be surprised.  None of these are hiding....but my decorating is evolving.

From Anthropologie.  I LOVE this adorable bluebird sitting on a grapefruit. 
It is a sugar bowl and has an adorable blue spoon.  So cute and lives by my trusty coffee maker.

These adorable Salt and Pepper shakers were purchased by me a few years ago when I wanted to do a farm yard theme in my kitchen.  It didn't get much farther than this purchase, thankfully.  LOL

Daniel found this bird when we went to Lorena a few weeks ago. 
It now lives in his room along with the penguin pictured below.
Daniel loves penguins.  I love birds. How could I NOT buy this?
Isn't it adorable??  Poor penguin has to live on Daniel's messy desk instead of a clean iceburg.  Oh well...

This is my bird.  I just love the expression on it's face.  So cute!!

LOVE this platter.  That it has a bird on it AND matches the colors I want to do in my kitchen made it a perfect purchase. 

These chickens are a sentimental item.  My paternal Grandmother gave them to me when I was in my teens.
She said every girl should have a collection and gave me these to begin a salt and pepper shaker collection.  :)  These chickens have been all over the country with me:  Five Points, TN; Huntsville, AL; El Cajon, CA; Loretto, TN; Corpus Christi, TX; Portland, TX; Virginia Beach, VA and now Waco, TX.  I'd say they are a couple of well travelled chickens!  LOL  I'm so sad that the red is flaking off their combs, but that's what happens when they need to be washed. 

OOTD....  Wow, I've been really remiss in taking pictures.  Of course, jeans and sweatshirts aren't too exciting.  As I've not felt well lately, that's what I've been wearing.  Hey, be happy they are clean!  LOL  Sunday was a bit chilly and I put this outfit together.  I liked it.  Hubby did too and offered to take a picture.  What do you think? 

Not going to detail the OOTD.  You've seen all these pieces before.  Just not all together.  :)

Furniture.....  *sigh*  I still do not have my living room put together.  Why?  Because when we moved  several pieces of furniture were broken and we still haven't replaced them.  So, after searching the local furniture stores and getting ideas, hubby and I have decided to do the unthinkable.  NO, we aren't selling our tv and book collection.  We are going to build our own tv stand and shelves.  Now to buy the wood and various finishing products.  Wish me luck.  Pictures will be forthcoming when the project starts.  Did I mention I still have to go buy all the stuff????  I have a feeling that, for me, purchasing everything will be the hardest part. 

Food Network.  Ahhhhh....just saying the name makes me salivate.  I've been spending a LOT of time watching and getting awesome ideas.  I think we are currently running out of paper and ink for the printer due to the number of recipes I've printed recently.  Hubby isn't complaining however.  He's enjoying the fruits of my tv watching labor.  :)  Thank goodness for the membership at the Y...I'm going to need it to keep from gaining 20 pounds over the next few months!  I spend a crazy amount of time in the kitchen during the cold months. 

Hope you are having a great day. final picture.  I tried this dress on during my Anthropologie trip last month....  Um, er, my DALLAS trip.  Just because I spent most of my time in all the different Anthro stores.....  I think I need to buy this one.... 
I know you can't really see them...but it has birds all over it.  :)

Coffee:  Gevalia Creme Brulee.  Ahhhhhhh.....yes, please pour another cup.  :)  Ahhhhhhh......  Just need to make some muffins to go along with it...  Kitchen time!!!  :)