Monday, July 30, 2012

And So It Begins - Again

I am sad.


Because, as of this morning, sleeping in is now a thing of the past. 

Please note, I am not saying I am sad because my baby, my youngest, the last in the line of our off spring is beginning high school and Marching Band Camp begins today.  Nope.  Not at all.  I am sad because I have to get up at 6:00 am to cook breakfast and drive him to school.  I miss sleeping in.  I really do. *sigh*

However, I am working hard to be positive about this.  Really.  I am sipping my second huge cup of coffee.  The house is blissfully quiet as the two remaining offspring are sleeping and hubby just left to go to the park to (ICK) exercise.

Side note:  Can we declare "exercise" a "four letter word??"  Pretty please? Yes, I'm saying this because I desperately need to haul my backside to the Y and get back on the treadmill and/or elliptical again and again and again.  WAH!!!!

Back to being positive.  Or the attempt thereof.  Getting up early has some advantages.  Sort of.  In the land of extreme heat, aka Texas, it is slightly cooler in the early hours.  It was a mere 78 when we left the house.  Not bad.  And, when you consider the forecast is 102 this afternoon, it seems positively chilly!  I do not envy my son and all the other kids being out in the heat all day.  They are required to have water bottles so they stay hydrated.  Safety is number 1!

Son #4 didn't give me a chance to snap a pic this morning.  But, I do have this one from yesterday.

 We bought new shoes for camp and for their casual uniform.  Early games will be played wearing khaki shorts, band t-shirts and running shoes. Sounds much cooler and safer than wearing the complete uniform.

Now, for a quick update since April. 

In early June, our second son graduated high school.  He now has a part time job at McDonalds.  Not glamorous, but it's a job.  He's still waiting to go to bootcamp.  No definite date yet as we are waiting for his orders/job.  I am okay with this.  The waiting, I mean.  It's that much longer he will be home. :)

During May and June we looked for a new place to rent.  It wasn't until mid June that we found one.  WHEW!  Our lease ended on July 31, so we had to find a place and move. 

A few days after #2 graduated from high school, our eldest graduated Air Force Tech School as a Distinguished Graduate. So proud.  So very proud!!  I was there for it with son #3.  We helped him move from MS to SC.  It was quite a week.  Lots of driving, eating out and shopping.  I discovered I do not want to spend the night in Meridian, Mississippi again.  Ever.  Don't ask me about it. I am trying to forget the experience.

After I got back from SC, I was relaxing and watching Food Network.  That channel is evil. I know this because it has caused me to gain weight.  Just putting that out there.  Call it my public service announcement for the day. 

Anyway, Ree Drummond, The Pioneer Woman, made an incredible cake for her husband's birthday.  It was so mind boggling, I had to show it to my hubby who suggested I make this culinary masterpiece.  So, I did.

Go to and find this recipe.  I think it's called Ladd's Birthday Cake or something similar.  It is HUGE.  She made four layers.  I halved the recipe for us.  Incredible.  One of our new favorite chocolate cake recipes.  Simply delicious.  Beware overbeating the frosting.  Don't ask....

Then, vacation.  Or what we call vacation.  Being a former military family, our vacations have been home to see family.  Now that we are technically civilians again, but living far away from home, we still vacation to visit family.  It was a wonderful time together with both families.

Once we returned, we started moving to the new house.  The first few days we moved all the little things one trip at a time in the van.  As we unloaded, we unpacked.  By the end of the week, we were eating from paper plates and/or eating out most meals. 

Last Monday, we rented a truck and moved the furniture over.  Since we had all the little stuff here and mostly unpacked, it was a fairly quick day.  All that remained was to clean the old place, have the carpets cleaned and turn in the keys.  Oh, and continue to unpack and decorate here. 

We have tons of boxes to unpack.  Lack of storage here is presenting a problem.  I am thinking plastic storage bins in the garage for things we want to keep but can't store inside.   Eh, it will work.  At this point, I am all about what will work. 

OH...and yesterday was my birthday!  I am now 45.  Or, as I like to say, 25 with 20 years experience.  :)  It's all about attitude, right?  Got some great presents.  This is what my youngest gave me.  Isn't it pretty? 

Hope you enjoyed this very long catch up. Pour yourself another cup of coffee.  I believe I will.  Btw, it's Community Coffee Hotel Blend with a splash of real half and half and sweetener.  :)