Sunday, July 25, 2010

It's been a LONG time....

Wow... It's been a very long time since I updated my blog.  So much has happened over the past few months.  I can't remember everything, so here are a few basics:

May.... It was a CRAZY month.  I can't begin to describe the anxiety which thinking of May causes.  So, we will skip it.

June....  School ended. However, we weren't here to enjoy the last week of the kids attending school to do absolutely nothing.  Other than watch movies (some of them rather inappropriate in my opinion) for a week.  Yippee.  (Please insert sarcasm in excessive amounts here.) 

Instead of the above, we made a rather hasty trip to Alabama to celebrate the life of my husband's grandmother who graduated to Heaven at the age of 98!  She was quite a woman.  She was a wonderful Christian and a mentor to all.  We will miss her so much.  But, I'm glad to know we will meet again one day.

The last week of June, the younger boys stayed in AL with family while the older two came home with us.  Our neice Paige came home with us also. Paige loves the beach and loves to shop and loves coffee.  Do you know how much fun I had with her?  I wish she could spend evert summer with me!  It was incredible to have a girl in the house.  Talk about "different" having one around too.  We loved every second of it. 

During that week we (hubby and I) did something I'm still in shock over.  We went with Justin (our oldest) and signed the Delayed Entry Program (DEP) paperwork for him to join the Air Force upon high school graduation.  Part of me wants him to stay home forever....or at least to live at home and go to college for the next few years.  The other part of me is so excited for him and proud of him.  As I told him, no matter what he chooses, I am proud of him.  Always. 

Then, the first week of July we went to AL to drop off Paige and pick up the younger two before heading to TN.  Spent a week there relaxing, drinking lots of coffee and talking with my parents.  Had a GREAT time on the 3rd when we had our family picnic.  Got to see most of my extended family.  It was fabulous!  We didn't count, but I estimate about 40 people were at my parents house.  Good times!!  The only complaint?  Everyone went home too early! 

After that, we drove back to Va Beach, relaxed a couple of days and then it was VBS time.  I enjoyed the kids and our High Seas Adventure, but man was I tired afterwards.  Last week was spent recovering from the prior month.  Soon I hope to get back on track with housework, exercise, my Bible study and generally enjoying the summer with the boys. 

Some good news from our home:  Hubby will re-enlist soon and has received orders to stay in Va Beach for another 3 years.  YIPPEE!!  Even though I was ready to move on to a new adventure, I am equally ready to stay here and continue this one.  :)

Now to deal with hubby's medical issues.  Tomorrow we go to the Pain Management clinic for him to receive an epidural injection in his spine.  At the end of the week he has an appointment for a sleep study evaluation. Pray all goes well.

***Edited to add:  This blog update was written on my NEW laptop, an early birthday present from my family.  No more sharing!  I have my own computer again.  :)