Saturday, January 12, 2013

New Year, Old News

The first blog post in a new year usually begs for a review of the previous year's high and low points along with a set of resolutions for the new year. Sorry to disappoint, if that is what you are expecting and hoping to read, because I will not be writing a post of that sort.

My plan a few days ago was to write about 3 things of note from the past couple of months.  Currently, I can only remember one of the three.  Does this mean the other two aren't truly important? No. I think it's because the one is consuming most of my thoughts.

What is this all consuming topic?  Our second son joined the military and left for boot camp.  We miss him so much but are so proud of him.  Having him leave just before Christmas was the worst part. Getting letters from him is the high light of our days.  We love reading his thoughts and feelings, how he spends his days, and his struggles and triumphs.  In turn, we write him daily and pray for him often. 

Isn't it amazing how the mind works?  When I was trying to remember the other two topics, I couldn't.  When I gave up and decided to blog on other topics, I remembered!! 

The second thing that has made a major impact on my life lately is Bailey, our new fur baby.  She is a mixed breed, with black mouth cur and shepherd being the predominant breeds.  Isn't she adorable? 

The blank spot between these two paragraphs is where a picture would be if I could figure out HOW to put one in here.  Recent changes on Blogger have confused me entirely and now it's dang near impossible to upload a picture from my computer to my blog.  I am angry and frustrated. 

As for Bailey, she is smart, funny, fun and a wonderful addition to our lives.  Hopefully, someday I will be able to share a picture.  Hopefully.

The last change in our lives came about due to our recent wedding anniversary.  My darling hubby took me to a Bed and Breakfast for the weekend.  The breakfasts were wonderful.  It so inspired me, I have since been setting the table complete with place mats, cloth napkins in rings, and plating our food and presenting it "restaurant style" for almost every meal.  My poor kids aren't going to know how to serve their own plates if I keep doing this!!  I am enjoying it.  The family says they are enjoying it.  And, if I can ever add a picture, I will show you one of our recent meals.

Coffee: Yes, several cups of Community Coffee as I have gotten progressively angrier and frustrated thanks to Blogger.  If I can't figure this out soon, this may be the end of my blog here.  UGH....