Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Sunday, Wednesday and Thursday....

There's just something about a good cup of coffee on a chilly morning.  It makes me smile.  It warms me.  It urges me  to write.  I can't explain why. Maybe it was the hours I spent working at the newspaper where the air was scented with newsprint and coffee.  Or the nights spent in college at our yearbook working on a deadline where the scent of coffee wafted down the hallway at 2:00 am to give us that extra push needed to complete our pages.  It doesn't matter why, or even where, the love of coffee and words began. All that matters is this particular love affair began.

Random musing time.... So much of my life and time revolves around my church and my relationship with Christ.  Join me in a brief journey thru what has been happening in both recently....

I'm so excited about the different things we have going on at church.  TheWednesday night class I am attending with my hubby and eldest son is wonderful.  We are doing a Beth Moore study - the Patriarchs.  Talk about learning!  My head almost explodes some days with knowledge.  But, I so love it. Only two weeks in and I have so many new names for God. We are getting new insights into His glorious character from the way he revealed himself to Abraham through his names.  I think my favorite at the moment is what Hagar named God (btw, she is the ONLY person who ever gave God a name in the Bible.  The rest of the names are ones He has told us!)  She called him "the God who sees me."  WOW!!  Drink a cup or two of coffee and let the thought of that name roll through your heart, mind and soul.  Incredible!  I read that on Sunday and I am still in awe.

Other things happening at church.  I got to see and meet Guy Penrod on Saturday night.  Awesome concert.  Great cd too.  My favorite song on it is "Pray about Everything."  Really really good song.  What's even better, Guy sang with our choir and orchestra Sunday during our worship services....and since I play keyboard in the orchestra, I got to play for him!!!  WOW!!  I've played for Russ Taff, Clay Crosse and Guy Penrod.  What an honor to play for such strong Christian artists.  They amaze me with their love of Christ and their commitment to spreading the Gospel thru their music.

Tomorrow morning we start a new Bible study called "Me, Myself and Lies."  I skimmed thru the book a few weeks ago but unfortunately didn't pay a lot of attention to it as we were discussing other things at the time.  So, I don't know what this class is going to delve into other than the lies we, as women, are being told and are believing.  It certainly sounds challenging.  I'm looking forward to having my spiritual muscles stretched and strenghtened. 

A last musing....  I'm in charge of refreshments for tomorrow's class.  It's less than 24 hours away and I still don't know what I'm going to make.  HELP!!!  I love a mixture of sweet and savory...and fresh.  Thinking about grapes, mini quiches....and not sure what else.  Have tossed around the idea of making my stuffed jalapenos again, but that means lots of savory and nothing sweet.  I don't really want to make a cake again - although the last one was a hit.  Guess it's time to do my Bible study for today and then go thru my recipes again.  Maybe a coffee cake......

Friday, April 9, 2010

Kids say....

We are a talkative family especially around the dinner table.  Recently, we were having a discussion about what my darling husband wants to do when he leaves the Navy - whenever that may be.  He's thinking very seriously about the Troops to Teachers program and has been researching it thoroughly.  A couple nights ago he asked the kids what they thought about this idea.  Their responses were interesting. 

Overall, the boys were supportive.  In one area they were unanimous.  They all told their Dad "do NOT teach Middle school!"  Patrick (our youngest) said to his Dad "They will kill you!  They will cut off your nose and use it as a hackey sack!  They will gouge out your eyes and use them for clackers!  Middle school kids are horrible!  Don't do it!"  Matthew and Justin think their Dad should teach NJROTC since he's been in the military for so long.  Plus, they think he'd be a good high school teacher.  Daniel thinks his Dad would be a good teacher - just please do not be HIS teacher because that would "be weird".  They all also agreed that Dad shouldn't teach Math.  "You can't even help us with our homework," said Patrick.  "So there's no way you can teach it."  But, English and Social Studies/History (the areas my hubby is most interested in teaching) would be perfect. 

Now to figure out when/if he's going to get out of the Navy, go thru the certification process and get hired.  Nothing to it....  I think I need to drink another cup of coffee.  I'm obviously delusional this afternoon.  On to a really important question.....which flavor coffee to brew??  :)

Monday, April 5, 2010

Spring Break is going to break someone....

The question is WHO is going to get broken?  It's either the boys or me....and I don't plan to break.  Bend, maybe.  But no breaking. 

Today started out great.  We slept in and  I let the boys relax most of the morning.  Then we started Spring Cleaning their rooms.  Daniel and Patrick wanted theirs rearranged.  Justin and Matthew just needed to clean.  Everyone worked together with such a wonderful spirit of cooperation.  Things got done in a timely manner.  I was so proud of them.

Then came dinner time.  Granted, they don't care for left overs, but I don't like throwing out good food.  So, we had leftovers from Easter dinner.  Ham and hashbrown casserole were the only left over foods.  I made biscuits and had a fresh pineapple that I peeled and cubed.  (Do you PEEL a pineapple?  Anyway, I got rid of the outside and the core and cubed the rest of it so we could eat it.)  Here is where the problem started.  I believe they should eat a well balanced meal.  Not just ham and bread.  So, I put a small spoon of casserole and ONE cube of pineapple on their plates.  You would think I was torturing them from the way they acted.  I  had a mutiny on my hands. They were rude, disrespectful and refusing to eat their food.  I won't go into everything that was said. Let's just say I pointed out that I did NOT appreciate how they were acting.  they were informed that the amount of enjoyment they have during Spring Break is directly affected by how they act and how they treat me.  I told them how much I had appreciated their earlier work, but that they had negated those good feelings by how they were currently acting.  Then I left them at the table until they completed their dinner...and required them to show me their plates before they could leave the table.  Then, they were sent to the kitchen together to load the dishwasher and handwash the rest of the dishes together.  The bickering started the moment they walked into the kitchen...and the ultimatum was issued:  Either cooperate or do the dishes all week long.  Hmmm...funny how they suddenly started working together - and fighting much quieter, thinking I couldn't hear them.  Oh please.  I'm sitting 20 feet away and there are NO walls separating us. 

Thus begins Spring Break.  Hopefully the rest of the week will go better.  Otherwise I will have a perfectly clean house and 3 very unhappy boys.

 BTW, Justin was the ONLY one who actually voluntarily put everything on his plate without being asked, ate it happily and is the only one not in trouble at the moment.  I should add  it was Justin's night to do dishes.  I'm sure he's quite pleased his brothers were being awful at dinner tonight. 

Friday, April 2, 2010

What a day....

Wow...what a day.

Today started off okay.  Took hubby to the bus station, cxame home and got the kids off to school and myself off to my regular Thursday morning Bible study at church.  Had a great time of fellowship today, discussing fellowship, building relationships, how to make friends, inviting people into our homes, etc.  It was a lively discussion and lots of fun.  For a change I really didn't have much to say.  It was too much fun to sit and listen.  I love spending time with the ladies every week delving into the Bible, it's truths and growing in my walk.

Afterwards I took Justin for his appointment with Dr. Gilbert about his contacts.  Got that squared away and went to lunch at the No Frill Grill.  Food was okay.  Atmosphere was interesting.  Price was crazy. well spent for the bonding time with my son.  It's hard to believe he graduates from high school next year.  Don't get me wrong, I've worked long and hardto ensure he is equipped to leave home when the time comes. It's just coming too soon for my Mama heart.  Once lunch was over, we stopped by the NEX to feed the van and then the commissary for some necessities.  Home again to put away the food, straighten the house, laundry and off to the races, a.k.a. picking up hubby from the bus station and Matthew from after school NJROTC practice.  Back home for dinner and an unplanned 2 hour nap.  Guess I needed the sleep. 

It all came to a head though between dinner and the nap though.  In a moment of frustration, my darling husband uttered  words we had agreed not to share with the kids just yet.  The gist of it was "we may not be here past October if the Navy kicks me out due to my medical problems."  Stopped everyone in their tracks.  We tried to gloss over it and move onto another topic.  But, the two older boys caught on quickly.  What warmed my heart was Matthew offering to get a job and help out with expenses if it meant we could stay so he can finish high school here.  What a darling son! 

After everyone went to bed, hubby and I discussed what may be in store for us over the next few months. It gave me the chance to share my feelings about the situation.  It's scary.  But, I have a peace about it that I know comes from God, which is where I'm placing my trust for our future.  I told my hubby my prayer for us is that God's will and direction for our lives be made clear  as we make choices during the next few months.  I have given my husband my complete support as he is making decisions for our family, asking that he keep me informed each step of the way as we go thru the process of him screening for sea duty and dealing with his back problems.  How that process goes directly determines his future with the Navy, which in turn determines the rest of our choices.  I also confessed to him, my human nature wants to take over and try to control our situation.  I keep thinking I should get a job and he should  put in his retirement papers and look for a GS position so we can stay here until the kids graduate.  But, is that what God wants for us?  Are these urges my desires or nudges from God?  We've always felt that my place was at home with the kids.  The few years I did work were miserable ones - the house was never clean, we ate out a LOT, and we spent little time together as a family.  It was a relief when I quit work.  We do NOT want to return to that lifestyle.

Tonight's talk also gave my husband a chance to voice what he is thinking and feeling.  I hurt for him as I see the concern in his eyes for our future.  I have no doubt he will continue to be a wonderful provider for our family, but I know right now, he has doubts and fears about what to do next.  He knows I'm 100% by his side, supporting him and his decisions.  Hopefully, this gives him some security and relief.  Sometimes I fear it makes him feel more pressured. 

I repeat, it's been quite a day.

**Edited to add - This was started late on Thursday evening, but didn't post until the wee hours of Friday morning.  Oh well, that's what happens when I edit before submitting.  :)  Probably should've had coffee instead of tea to drink.