Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Doggie Days..

Bailey's world has been turned upside down today.

There are two men here working on our new HVAC system.  They are going in and out of the house, using power tools and making lots of noise.

Personally, I am thrilled our landlord decided to replace the system. Hopefully, it will be energy efficient.  Please, let the electric bill be lower this summer... 

Oops, back on topic.

Bailey does not know whether to be glad to see them or upset.  She isn't sure if she should protect me or if she should sit in my lap so I can protect her.  Most of the time she is sitting by me on the couch  as I blog, but when they are working on the front porch, she watches out the window and "talks" to them.

I'm not sure what the growls and barks mean, but I'm hoping it's friendly. She's wagging her tail, so I assume she is using nice doggie language.

Since she is still a puppy and unaccustomed to strangers, I am using this time for some intensive training. Especially the command "Stay."

Sam is also having problems dealing with the work being done. It's almost disturbing his sleep.

If only you could hear him snoring...